Airborne Custom Spraying delivers aerial mosquito control on target, on time and on budget. Our services are unique because we offer:

  • ​Safe, cost-effective, specifically designed, and precise application.
  • Twin-engine aircraft dedicated for spraying populated areas.
  • Aircraft equipped with GPS mapping, swathing, and recording.
  • Fully insured operations that feature a policy exclusive to aerial mosquito control.
  • Applications licensed by the FAA* and appropriate state departments.
  • Techniques and equipment for applying Permethrin, the most effective, environmentally friendly adulticide available today that will not adversely affect people, pets, gardens or the paint finish on vehicles.

​*FAA Waiver: Due to the liability involved, most aircraft are restricted from flying over populated areas. Airborne Custom Spraying has an excellent reputation with the FAA when requesting a waiver from these restrictions. The FAA favors the use of twin-engine aircraft when spraying over a populated area. These waivers include: a well defined safety plan, public service announcements, and a plan of action in the event of an emergency. The waiver is approved and coordinated with your local authorities.

Integrated Mosquito Management

Development of a spray program for your area will depend upon the intensity of mosquito populations and budget limitations. Examples of established programs include:

  • Applications starting in May and continuing at two-week intervals thereafter.
  • Three applications throughout the summer months.
  • Spraying only for special outdoor events.
  • Spraying for West Nile virus when found in host.


Airborne Custom Spraying has earned the business of numerous municipalities across the upper Midwest. Our customers include Cass County Vector Control and the Cities of Aberdeen, Fargo, Grafton, Moorhead, Wahpeton and West Fargo.

We all know what a nuisance mosquitoes can be when we are trying to enjoy a backyard barbeque with our family and friends. A highly publicized health reason to control mosquitoes is West Nile virus (WNV). According to statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a total of 5,674 cases of West Nile virus disease in people, including 286 deaths, were reported in 2012. The cases reported are the highest since 2003 and the number of deaths is the highest since cases of WNV disease were first detected in the United States in 1999.