Helicopters Tours

(up to three people)

One hour Tour - $600

Half hour Tour - $320

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Airborne Helicopters LLC

Helicopter Services

  • Aerial Surveying
  • Emergency Support
  • Aerial Photography
  • Natural Disaster Analysis

Occasionally, an organization may need a bird's eye view for surveying land, viewing wildlife, flood waters and fires, or perhaps utilizing photography to capture a different perspective of its property, or natural occurring event. A view from above can also facilitate a search and rescue mission to find a victim or perpetrator.

You may want to plan a ride for a special occasion; birthday, anniversary or bring a camera to take pictures for an aerial view of the farm or lake place. This could be the most memorable experience of your life. 

Airborne Helicopters LLC, a subsidiary of Airborne Custom Spraying Inc, is available for your local fair or festival to give your attendees a ride they will always remember!


Airborne Helicopters, LLC holds a 135 Air Carrier Certificate issued by the FAA.


  • Utility Industry Support
  • Air Rides
  • Corporate Events 
  • Wildlife Survey