​Aerial application is a critical component of high-yield agriculture. High yield agriculture, which includes the responsible use of crop protection products, benefits the environment by producing maximum crop yields from fewer acres. Some farmers apply their products from the ground using ground equipment, but many have realized that using an ag plane to do this work is often more efficient and effective. For example, aircraft can treat wet fields and spray when crop canopies are too thick for ground rigs. Unlike ground rigs, aerial application does not contribute to topsoil runoff. Moreover, when pests or disease threatens a crop, time is critical. At a minimum, an airplane or helicopter can accomplish three times as much application work as any other form of application can (published by the National Agricultural Aviation Association). Read More...

​Airborne Custom Spraying chooses to use the Air Tractor, the industry's workhorse, which is constructed by the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural aircraft, Air Tractor, Inc. This aircraft provides more spraying in less time, especially when timing is critical. 

  • Utilizes Pratt-Whitney PT6-34 750 shp turbo-prop engine for reliability.
  • A 500-gallon capacity to efficiently treat a variety of field sizes of varying distances quickly.
  • A generous 52-foot wing span allowing wider swaths for accelerated field completion.
  • A greater penetration of the spray in dense foliage due to the heavier aircraft creating increased downwash from the wings.

​​And finally, aerial application does not add to soil compaction which some researchers have found can cause up to a 60% reduction in crop yields.

Crop Spraying Services

  • Aerial Application
  • Seeding
  • Herbicide Application
  • Fungicide Application
  • Insecticide Application

Airborne Custom Spraying offers aerial crop spraying services to manage the yield-robbing threats to your crops in spite of unfavorable field conditions. 


Airborne Custom Spraying sprays crops grown in the following Minnesota counties: Clay, Norman and Polk as well as the following North Dakota counties: Cass and Traill.